Loading Programs

Sometimes you have a larger program you wrote into a file and want to read that file into Genius Mathematics Tool. In these situations, you have two options. You can keep the functions you use most inside the ~/.geniusinit file. Or if you want to load up a file in a middle of a session (or from within another file), you can type load <list of filenames> at the prompt. This has to be done on the top level and not inside any function or whatnot, and it cannot be part of any expression. It also has a slightly different syntax than the rest of genius, more similar to a shell. You can enter the file in quotes. If you use the '' quotes, you will get exactly the string that you typed, if you use the "" quotes, special characters will be unescaped as they are for strings. Example:

load program1.gel program2.gel
load "Weird File Name With SPACES.gel"

There are also cd, pwd and ls commands built in. cd will take one argument, ls will take an argument that is like the glob in the UNIX shell (i.e., you can use wildcards). pwd takes no arguments. For example:

cd directory_with_gel_programs
ls *.gel