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From: George <jirka_at_5z.com>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 23:46:27 -0800

I suggest we move the (basically presently non-existent) discussion on genius-list to
drgenius-dev, so all of you interested in the future of genius and it's
development subscribe to that list and we'll just stop using the genius-list.


attached mail follows:


The drgenius-dev_at_seul.org is open so I suggest we all
go there.
To subscirbe just send to majordomo_at_seul.org the
message "subscribe drgenius-dev" in the body and
without subject.

Its archive is there :

Also the web site http//drgenius.seul.org is opened,
I will put some things there after the holiday, I will
reuse the Dr Geo look.


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