Re: [genius-list] Genius & Dr Geo

From: George <>
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 08:00:26 -0700

The plugin support is getting into Genius, right now what you do is you
build an .so file (there is a test plugin example in the distribution of
0.4.4). The only call that 9is implemented from the interface is the init
call so don't bother about the other ones, I still have to figure out a way
to deal with GUI/GNOME vs. non-GUI plugins. However the interface with just
the init should actually be mostly ok for Dr Geo I guess. basically it will
just mean that you will just replace your main function with the init
function and it should work. Then you can call the normal genius functions
just like you would from inside genius source code. For help with that just
email me. It would be cool to get Dr Geo working in this manner ASAP. I will
make it possible to load plugins from the command line and such soon as well,
so that you can then just provide a script such as:

gnome-genius --load-plugin dr_geo

and you'd provide dr_geo.plugin file and put it in the
<prefix>/share/genius/plugins (I think:)

Right now (in 0.4.4) you can only load plugins from the menu in the
gnome version.

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