Re: [genius-list] Genius Future:

From: <>
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 1999 21:55:17 +1000 (EST)

> > > As it is right now, I'm just slowly writing my own (GPL) sub-genius
> > Ok, well tell me when you finish it, and we'll start on the genius
> > sym-manip.
> Very cool. Is the sym-manip dependent on the semigroup stuff or vice
> versa? My sub-genius is a little weak on adding new "numbers" like
> interval arith. or arbitrary semi-groups. If I had a stronger base to
> work on, the compiler could be alot simpler. Right now type conversions
> and other type issues are dominating my problems. If the semigroup stuff
> could alleve that, I'd be very happy to work with it.

vice versa - the approach I'm following is to use an AI search algo(A* or
variant thereof) to reduce 'words' to the basis for that field e.g.

ab == aaa
a^4 == a

baba => baaaa
     => ba

and defining
E (hmm, how do I get an 'there exists')
\exists x s.t. a = ex \forall a \in S
ee == e

ea => e(ex)
     => ex
     => a

The stop condition is somewhat difficult.

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