Re: [genius-list] new (still broken) engine

From: Squeak <>
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 02:23:10 -0400 (EDT)

You rock. Thanks for fixing/working on my major prob. with
genius. (Poor recursion). I'm swamped currently, but I'm
researching formulas for e^A when A is 3x3 etc. (using
cayley hamilton theorem). Also I'll give the source tree
a look sometime next week, so give me a buzz when you
commit something.

I actually have trouble with the cvs stuff generating files,
me and my stupid broken install of automake probably, do
I need to do anything special to get to run?
I basically get lots of gnome macro and automake macros
not found. I have automake installed, no gnome. Any hints?

Anyways,thanks for doing this rewrite, I'd help but I
barely have written a working compiler myself, and uhh
I kinda based it off of the old genius recursive engine
so I'm no use :)
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