Re: [genius-list] N_ macro

From: George <>
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 14:58:38 -0700

On Fri, Sep 24, 1999 at 07:05:26PM -0400, Squeak wrote:
> In the cvs version, in eval line 4300 or so you use the N_ macro, which I
> gather is in some gnome type header file not in the cvs source. I'm not
> entirely sure what N_ does, presumably some sort of gettext wrapper?
> At any rate these lines need to be constant as written, so you could
> make the strings not initializers (assign to the variables after you
> declare them) or just get rid of the _ guy.

What N_ is is just

#define N_(x) x

What it's good for is that gettext can easily pull out the texts and make
a database, without it gettext would never figure out that those things are
to be translated. This is a macro that's used for initializers, so all you
need to do is put the above #define next to the define for the _(x) when no
gnome support is found. (I intend one of these days to make gettext work even
without gnome)

> At any rate, I just delete it from my copy, but updating from cvs is a
> pain :) And current cvs code does not compile without gnome support.
> (Thanks for cleaning up the configure script tho, it at least runs when
> gnome not present, an improvement since the 0.4.2 days for sure).

I usually concentrate on having it work with gnome more then otherwise, for
the simple reason of maintanance issues. I agree that having the command line
version require gnome is a little bit of a strech, but it might just happen
sometimes in the future that that will be there. As the non-UI part of gnome
libs is also very very usefull for even non-UI programs, and I'm interested
in making a usefull math program rather then spending loads of time on
reinventing the wheel.


George Lebl <>
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