Re: [genius-list] Mac OS X genius install

From: Tim Allen <>
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 10:23:34 +1000

On 10 Apr 2004, at 09:20, George wrote:

> [ccing the genius-list as others may be interested to know]
> On Sat, Apr 03, 2004 at 05:05:47PM -0800, Linc Davis wrote:
>> This file supersedes the instructions I sent earlier.
> Thanks, I put it up on the website and it will be in the next tarball
> I make
> as well.

OK, I'm confused about all this MPFR buisness. The instructions I found
on the Genius website say you have to replace a chunk of the GMP
library with the MPFR library, but is this really necessary?

The GMP homepage ( says, under "Projects using

  * MPFR, an add-on library for floating-point arithmetic. (A version of
this library was included with GMP 4.1.2.)

The Fink package database entry for GMP
( says that there's a
GMP 4.1.2 package available for every recent version of OS X.

So doesn't that mean that if you just install GMP from Fink normally,
you'll get MPFR also?

Also, doesn't that mean that if you install the latest GMP on any
operating system (Linux, *BSD, whatever), you'll still get MPFR?
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