Batch scripts and loading of GEL functions

From: Jhon Adams <>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 09:40:52 -0400


I'm trying to create a batch script that executes some genius commands
from bash. Something like:

RESULTS=`echo "[1,1;1,1]*[2,2;2,2]" | /usr/bin/genius`;

It works fine. Unfortunately, when I try to include within the
commands something like;

COMMANDS="A=$1;load foo.gel;foo(A,[...]);"
RESULTS=`echo "" | /usr/bin/genius`;
echo $RESULT

It doesn't work. I get an error just after loading foo.gel (even if I
use the complete path to the file). It simply doesn't find the file.

Is there a proper manner to load GEL functions in such a batch-like style?

or what about including my functions into the GEL repository of genius?

I tried just including my own functions in
/usr/share/genius/gel/misc/misc.gel, but it doesn't work either :-(

If you have any advise, I'll appreciate it very much!

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