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Basic Analysis II: Introduction to Real Analysis, Volume II: Errata

This page lists errors in the various editions. Nonmathematical typos, misspellings, and grammar or style problems are not listed here. Also not listed are things that were correct but simply deserved improvement. Of course, older editions may suffer from recently discovered errata as well.

March 21st 2017 edition, Version 1.0 (edition 1, 0th update):

  1. On page 10, when solving for $x_j$, the coefficients must be negative, that is, $ x_j = \frac{-a_1}{a_j} x_1 + \cdots + \frac{-a_{j-1}}{a_j} x_{j-1} + \frac{-a_{j+1}}{a_j} x_{j+1} + \cdots + \frac{-a_k}{a_k} x_k . $
  2. On page 76, in the definition of the Darboux sums, $P$ is a partition of $R$.

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