#include <Bonobo.idl>

/* An example interface
 * Do note that the GNOME namespace is not just a freeforall,
 * so this file should not be installed as Foo is not a registered
 * name.  To see the current namespece setup see doc/NAMESPACE
 * in the bonobo cvs module or from a recent bonobo tarball.
 * To register a new name under the GNOME namespace just drop
 * a mail to:
 * Michael Meeks <michael no spam ximian at com> or George Lebl <jirka no spam 5z dot com>
 * and we'll get you all set.  (This is just to avoid conflicts in
 * the namespace, and no it doesn't cost anything)

module GNOME {

module Foo {

interface SomeInterface {
        void fooBar (in string foo);