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Chapter 7
Power series methods

  4.6.1 Heat on an insulated wire
  4.6.2 Separation of variables
  4.6.3 Insulated ends
  4.6.4 Exercises
 4.7 One dimensional wave equation
  4.7.1 Exercises
 4.8 D’Alembert solution of the wave equation
  4.8.1 Change of variables
  4.8.2 D’Alembert’s formula
  4.8.3 Another way to solve for the side conditions
  4.8.4 Exercises
 4.9 Steady state temperature and the Laplacian
  4.9.1 Exercises
 4.10 Dirichlet problem in the circle and the Poisson kernel
  4.10.1 Laplace in polar coordinates
  4.10.2 Series solution
  4.10.3 Poisson kernel
  4.10.4 Exercises