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Old News

November 22nd 2010:

Release 1.0.12. Minor fixes, recent files, etc... See the NEWS file above.

September 9th 2010:

Release 1.0.11. Just a minor build fix. See the NEWS file above.

September 8th 2010:

Release 1.0.10. Renaming variables in plotting functions, new functions, plus a couple of fixes and minor enhancements. See the NEWS file above.

December 23rd 2009:

Release 1.0.9. Just a few bugfixes, see the NEWS file above.

November 10th 2009:

Release 1.0.8. Just a few bugfixes (one really annoying one where the return was misplaced on terminal display with newer vte).

July 29th 2009:

Release 1.0.7. True local variables, explicit specification of private dictionary, Fourier series functions, parameters always protected, and other fixes and minor new features. See the NEWS above.

March 15th 2009:

Release 1.0.6. Finally purge those libgnome(ui) demons. Also a bunch of plotting improvements, some optimizations and a bunch of fixes. See the NEWS above.

Feb 10nd 2009:

Released 1.0.5. Fixed a buffer overrun (thanks to Simon Munton), fix a few memory leaks (one reasonably bad one), fix EulersMethod and its documentation, and allow EulersMethod and RungeKutta solve systems as well.

Feb 8nd 2009:

Released 1.0.4. Try the slopefield / vectorfield plots

Feb 2nd 2009:

New release will be coming shortly. A bunch of good stuff accumulated over the past half a year. Mostly, I have just finished the slopefield and vectorfield plotting.

Jun 10th 2008:

Release 1.0.3. Fixes, optimizations, few new functions, few improvements to GUI.

Nov 20th 2007:

Release 1.0.2. Couple of minor bug fixes and build fixes.

Nov 16th 2007:

Release 1.0.1. Lots of new stuff, both feature-wise and bugfix wise, See the NEWS file for more info.

Oct 17th 2007:

Genius is part of GARNOME now, as part of the "hacker-tools".

Oct 13th 2007:

I slightly updated the manual in subversion so I updated the web version as well.

Oct 8th 2007:

Released 1.0.0! Few new things, updated docs, bugfixes. No longer includes MPFR as that was too much work to keep the internal up to date and MPFR is now very common. See the NEWS file for more info.

Oct 1st 2007:

Release 1.0.0 will be forthcoming within a week or so. Nothing much new, but hell, if it has been pretty much 10 years in development and I do have a Ph.D. already, it deserves to be called 1.0.0.

Feb 2nd 2007:

Release 0.7.7. Mostly minor things. Improvements to the GUI, compute cubic and quartic roots properly. See the NEWS file for more info.

Aug 15th 2006:

Make an update since the rational powers algorithm was numerically unstable (probably become unstable with the upgrade of mpfr and could hang) and there were couple of other minor issues with the power functions. Now you can graph x^(1/3) again.

Aug 13th 2006:

Made an updated release, 0.7.6, with some problems fixed and some new functions and some updates to the documentation. Main fixes are to gaussian elimination on complex valued matrices. See the NEWS file for more info.

Aug 1st 2006:

Well becoming a brand new parent (Maia Karolina Lebl was born on July 27th) delayed the release a bit. Anyway, what's new is many fixes and optimizations and updates to the function library mostly in the linear algebra section. Definately worth the upgrade if only for the fixes (there were some bad memory leaks in some linear algebra stuff, and some crashers are fixed). See the NEWS file for more info.

July 14th 2006:

No really, genius is not dead. Release with many fixes will be forthcoming (not many new features)

July 22nd 2005:

Release 0.7.4. This version adds very primitive symbolic differentiation. It also adds simple parametric line plots. One thing that has changed in syntax is that "A + x" where A is a matrix and x is a scalar now acts like "A + I*x" where I would be the identity matrix, whereas before it was element by element. We have a new operator for that ".+" and ".-". For vectors it's still element by element. See the NEWS file for more info.

March 24th 2005:

Released 0.7.3 which updates the MPFR version to 2.1.1 and fixes a whole bunch of minor issues with 0.7.2. Also some graphing improvements, documentation additions, and possibility to turn off the damn blinking cursor. There's also been quite a bit of updates on my internal gmp wrappers which should hopefully lead to a much better performance both memorywise and speedwise, not to mention it fixes some bugs (hopefully it doesn't add extra bugs).

Dec 23rd 2004:

Released 0.7.2 which has a bunch of fixes, optimizations, Docbook help, lots of new functions, new icon, etc.. Also with this release I include a recent CVS copy of MPFR which seems less buggier and makes compilation of genius less problematic.

Aug 19th 2004:

Released 0.7.1 which has a bunch of fixes, PNG export for plots and some minor optimizations and improvements (for example the derivative and continuity function work again)

Aug 10th 2004:

Released 0.7.0 which has all the new plotting fun.

Aug 4th 2004:

I got tired with sucky plots and no printing, so I've integrated recent GtkPlot and friends from GtkExtra-2 from cvs into the genius build. This about doubles the lines of code, but we get high quality line plots. Further We now also have surface plots, and best of all, you can print the output or export it to PS or EPS. See a screenshot to see how it looks. I will make a 0.7.0 release soon I think to get this out to the world.

Jun 14th 2004:

Released 0.6.1 out onto the world. Mostly random minor things. The GNOME frontend should be even more desktopy integrated, now using gnome-vfs, accepting file drops, we install a mimetype for .gel files, etc... Some other random fixes and improvements happened too. Now we have black on white mode there as well for those that don't see that well.

March 31th 2004:

Just a note: I am really wondering who all is using genius, can you drop me an email if you do use it and for what? I should also perhaps setup a wiki here so that people can update genius pages themselves since I'm so bad about up to date webpage kind of stuff.

March 30th 2004:

Well, 0.6.0 is out with all the new plotting stuff. Also I did some optimization on the MP wrappers and so we get much better performance in some cases. Also some minor syntax changes (compatible) to make some things easier (see the NEWS file). Some new functions were added as well.

March 23rd 2004: I'm off for the spring break and since gnome is in code freeze I'm working on genius. I've made the line plot stuff much nicer (see a screenshot). I will work on this and perhaps other stuff a bit more and then make the release. Also this version when compiled with gtk+ 2.4 will use the new file selector dialog, but it will still also compile with old gtk+ as well.

December 31st 2003: Release A couple of fixes, like now 0.1^(-1.0) now really equals 10, some new functions (like erf) and such. Should compile against newest GTK+ cleanly now. (I put out 0.5.7 in the morning but forgot to fix a bug I wanted to fix ... thus

October 16th 2003: Release 0.5.6. The biggest change is the use of GtkSourceView if available for syntax highlighting. Also a whole bunch of cleanup, lots of fixes and some optimization was done, but not much in terms of new functionality.

June 2nd 2003: Release 0.5.5 since the GUI IDE was kind of broken and not working right (it was crashing on saving and other fun things like that). So this is the sort of brown paper bag release.

May 28th 2003: (Actually it's 30th now, but I forgot to update the webpage). Release 0.5.4. Lots of new stuff. There is a basic "IDE" in place so you can edit GEL programs inside the gui and then run them from the GUI. Also the prime testing and factoring stuff was redone to be much faster. Quite a few new functions have been added too. Under RH9 the icon should now appear somewhere in the office menu.

March 5th 2003: Released 0.5.3. This includes the graphing support and a WHOLE BUNCH of other new things like MathML output mode, sane syntax changes, real mod powers. Also this release uses MPFR (included with gmp, but you must --enable-mpfr when you compile gmp). If you use the RPM things should "just work" even with the non-mpfr gmp (MPFR is linked statically).

Feb 27th 2003: Because I needed to have at least some visualization for stuff in my homework I added very basic graphing. It will probably get better before I release, but you can already see a screenshot. In other news there are many other new things I needed for homework so a new release will come shortly. Still want to fix up a few things and likely change some syntax (matrix expansion with respect to nulls and handling of unitary minus as in -1^k and -a^k and such).

Feb 10th 2003: Released 0.5.2 with all the cool new things that happened lately in the tree. More specifically using VTE now, an online manual and better modular arithmetic support (among other things). I have updated the spec file, but I messed up the one in the tarball, so there are RPMS in the download directory so use those and don't use the spec file from the tarball. Next release will fix that. This RPM is for RH8 and installs the menu item so that it appears in Extras/Other. Also updated a screenshot :)

Jan 27th 2003: Lots of new stuff as I need it for homework (modular arithmetic and related) plus I fixed up the manual and made it accessible from the program. I will make a new release soon.

Jan 3rd 2003: Released 0.5.1 with a few fixes (important ones)

Fall 2002: News is that Genius development has been restarted. Download it at the usual location for version 0.5.0 which is just a lot more cool then 0.4.6. Some syntax has changed. I will update this page further as time goes by. Note that all the merging with dr.geo never really got finished.

Sep 6th 1999: Released 0.4.6, since we've decided to merge genius with dr.geo so I just wanted to get a release out with fixes.

Sep 2nd 1999: njh contributed a PPC rpm

Sep 2nd 1999: I've done a little genius work lately, but not much, however there is already a whole bunch of things acumulated so I released 0.4.5. However note that in this release ext and ln work differently on matrices. in the future ln should behave like a real ln on a matrix, not just ln each entry. However I need some math help with that it seems:) look at the NEWS file to see what's new

June 27th 1999: doing more genius work, such as better plugin support modular arithmetic, better matrix support etc ... on the short term todo are sets, MDI interface, simple graphing with GtkPlot. It would be nice to get some people help me work on genius, There is lots of things that are to be done, such as cleanup of the execution engine, embedability, symbolic math, baboon integration, etc ...

June 22nd 1999: released 0.4.4

June 17th 1999: if you are wondering what's going on with genius , the answer is: not much, There have been a whole bunch of bug fixes over the last few weeks, and I want to get plugin support working before releasing 0.4.4 which should come out shortly.

May 26th 1999: released 0.4.3. mostly bugfixes, the old bc like way to define functions is now gone, you can quote matrices to avoid expansion. and again a new way to do the interactive mode.

May 17th 1999: i18n is now fixed thanks to "Tomas Ogren <>". Also some internals are changing. I'll make a release when I get back from LE sometime.

May 10th 1999: 0.4.2 is out, it's mostly a bugfix release, although there are a couple of user visible changes. Also I can't get the language support working for some reason. any i18n gurus out there?

May 7th 1999: Mailing list now available

May 6th 1999: 0.4.1 is out with a new GUI frontend, and 0.4.2 will follow shortly as there are a number of crittical bugs fixed now thanks to "Squeak <>"


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