using GOB w/o GTK+ ?

From: Stefan Rieken <>
Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 16:50:30 +0200

Hello GOBbers,

I am making plans about a program that uses something like the MVC
pattern to seperate the GUI from the "machinery". An additional benefit
of MVC is, as you might know, that the machinery objects can do
cross-platform non-GUI things, and so if you want to port your app you
only have to port the GUI frontend.

I'd like to write my program in C, but it should be OO from the ground

My question is: can I use GOB to (also) create platform-independent
objects, that do not require GTK+? So only as an object system, not
dealing with the GUI.

I figured that it migth be possible to create the basic object (which
would normally be GtkObject) myself, and derive my non-GUI objects from
that object. Is this true?



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