ANNOUNCE: gob2 2.0.3 the "Long time no release" release

From: George <>
Date: Fri, 1 Nov 2002 17:01:13 -0800


Well in light of me actually being busy with school (I'm actually doing
something nowdays and it shows on my GPA mind you) I haven't really been
that busy with working on software. Especially not gob. But there were
a couple of quick fixes for random brokenness done in the meantime and it's
time for a release.

So what is this gob thing? Well besides being the cure for cancer, it also
generates GObjects (or GTK+ objects). GOB2 is a replacement for the version
1 GOB, that was for GTK+ 1.x mostly. GOB2 can handle pretty much most of
the GObject features. At least most of the ones that anyone will ever use.
It only requires GLib 2.0 and can generate arbitrary GObjects. You can have
both versions installed at the same time if you wish, so that you don't have
to port all your gob files to gob2 for now, but you really should as gob2 is
nicer and all that kind of stuff.

Here are the news in 2.0.3 (gob2):

        * In C++ mode don't eat "::" from type strings as C++ might be
          using it, and we aren't ever using such a thing
        * Fix a segfaults in the parser (Jody Goldberg, Gerhard Dieringer,
        * me)
        * Fix unichar stuff for values (properties, signal arguments, etc...)
        * Add support for UNICHAR and UINT64 and INT64 everywhere
        * Don't make the get_type function a G_GNUC_CONST as gcc3.2 whacks
          out about that (rpms not yet available for 2.0.3) (I think)

Have fun,


George <>
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