Overriding constructors

From: Guillermo Ontañón <gontanon_at_dragon-lance.net>
Date: 01 Feb 2003 17:05:17 +0100


I've been looking through the man page for gob, and tried a few things
and connot find the proper way to override a constructor method. The
purpose of this is being able to call the parent's constructor from my

GOB won't let me declare the "new" as override, so I guess that's not
the way to do it.

A more concrete example will make my question clearer:

suppose I have class foo:

class foo from G:Object {
        private int a;
        public foo *new (int a) {
                foo *self = GET_NEW;
                self->_priv->a = a;
                return self;

Now I want to create a subclass, I would like to provide a constructor
that lets the parent initialize its stuff too:

class fooChild from foo {
        private int b;
        public fooChild *new (int a, int b) {
                fooChild *self = GET_NEW;
                self->_priv->b = b;
                 * and now I do not know how to call the parent
                 * foo_new (a); would make a whole new object,
                 * but I want foo to get the "a" value

I'm probably missing something here. Any help would be appreciated.


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