Should I use GOB?

From: Dave Malcolm <>
Date: 24 May 2003 13:47:39 +0000

Possibly a silly question, considering who I'm asking :-)

I'm the lead programmer on Conglomerate (, a free
(as in GPL/LPGL) user-friendly XML editor. We're hoping to make
something that former Word users can easily migrate to, for editing
DocBook and other formats.

Currently the code is in C, and uses GTK+ and GNOME libraries. There
are various places where classes and inheritance get used, though they
are currently implemented using structs and hand-coded v-tables, rather
than GObject. I'm about to do a big rewrite of a substantial part of
the code.

I'm considering several options for my classes:
- port to C++ and use that
- port to C# and use Mono
- port to GObject by hand
- port to GObject using GOB2
- port to Python

I've had a brief play with GOB2, and I'm quite fond of the GOB2
approach. But something that concerns me is how few projects seem to be
using GOB2. There also doesn't seem to be an archive of this mailing
list, and the "minimalist" nature of the website makes the project come
across as a bit of an experiment, rather than a reliable tool.

I'm a bit scared of introducing such a vital dependency into my project
Are there any testimonials out there from satisfied users?

I'm sorry if this comes across as a bit negative; please understand that
I want only the best for my project!

Dave Malcolm
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