Why the generated-code must be distributed under LGPL?

From: Yoichi Imai <yoichi_at_silver-forest.com>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 01:28:53 +0900


Why the generated-code must be distributed under LGPL?
We don't have to distribute a product under LGPL in order to satisfy the
clauses of GLib's LGPL.

For example, if we want to use a looser license like modified
BSD-license (of course compatible with LGPL) or a stricter license that
satisfy LGPL, we can't distribute a product using GOB under it because
of the restriction of the license for the generated-code.

Unless there is a reason or policy, I think you should not force users
to apply LGPL to the generated-code.
(If you don't have any policy, it would be better for you to show simple
notice like this:
  You can distribute the generated code freely, but it must follow the
licenses of linked libraries such as GLib.

Glade, which also generates a source code, doesn't add a restriction to
 the generated code.

I want to use GOB, but I hesitate thanks to this license.

Yoichi Imai <yoichi_at_silver-forest.com>
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