Avoiding unnecessary rebuilds with Automake

From: Jean-Yves Lefort <jylefort_at_brutele.be>
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2005 12:47:25 +0100

The attached patch:

  - adds a --no-touch option, which prevents all files (not just the
    public header) from being touched unless they have changed
  - while here, checks if a file has changed without cmp(1)
  - removes the timestamp from .c comment headers

It helps avoiding unnecessary rebuilds when GOB is used from Automake,
thanks to the following trick (the manual page should be updated):

foo_SOURCES = foo.gob foo.gob.stamp foo.c foo.h foo-private.h
BUILT_SOURCES = foo.gob.stamp

%.gob.stamp: %.gob
        @GOB2@ --no-touch $<
        @touch $@

Jean-Yves Lefort

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