libglade support patch

From: Nicolas Bruguier <>
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 19:32:23 +0200

oups the complete mail


here a "cvs diff -u" patch which add libglade class support.

If you want to build a libglade class. Just create a new object that
derives from a GtkContainer widget. Then use a "GladeXML" class flag
with the glade file name, root widget and optional domain as arguments
between double quotes.

class My:Glade from Gtk:Window (GladeXML "" "root")

Then you could get widget in glade interface while declare data members
with widget type between hook


private [Button] button1;

All signals created with glade are automatically connected at class

in glade:
button1 clicked "connect" signal -> on_button1_clicked

in gob:
public void
on_button1_clicked(self, GtkButton * button)

I attach an project example which use libglade class, you need to start
binary in same path than glade file.

regards and sorry for my english

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