gstreamer and gob

From: alberto colombo <>
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 15:05:38 +0100


I'm getting more and more into gstreamer (, but
I'm sure you've heard of it already), but I'm no gobject wizard and its
voodoo magics scares me a lot.

I've asked the gstreamer-devel list if anyone has used gob to build
pipeline elements before, but they don't seem to be very interested in
the issue. So, thought I could write directly to the gob people: has
anyone here used gstreamer? could you please investigate on the
possibility of using gob in order to create pipeline elements?

Thanks in advance

Alberto Colombo, MSc
PhD student at Digital Imaging Research Centre
Kingston University, London
  cell: +44 (0) 77267 11980
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