export wrappers for GObject and Boxed types

From: Michael Lawrence <lawremi_at_iastate.edu>
Date: Sun, 24 Dec 2006 06:51:50 -0600

Dear GOB people,

Is anyone else annoyed by the autogenerated "export" wrappers for properties
using g_object_get(), which results in increasing the reference count /
copying of objects and boxed types? While it is common to copy strings, for
instance, copying boxed types and reffing objects is somewhat unconventional
relative to GTK+ and other GObject-based APIs. Could there be an extra flag
that specifies whether the caller should be given ownership of an exported
property value? In my opinion, that would make the "export" keyword a lot
more useful.

By the way, has GOB development stalled? Another feature I am looking
forward to is the definition of interface types.

Thanks for your hard work,
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