Circular includes

From: Patrik Fimml <>
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2007 17:22:00 +0200


I just discovered gob as a great thing hopefully simplifying my GObject
programming a lot. There's just one thing that seems awkward to me: the
__TYPEDEF_*__ approach to circular type dependencies. In hand-written
classes, I usually just put the typedefs before the includes—e.g.
instead of

        <begin %h code>
        #include "another-class.h"
        <end %h code>
        #ifndef __TYPEDEF_A_CLASS__
        #define __TYPEDEF_A_CLASS__
        typedef struct _aClass aClass;

I would suggest

        typedef struct _aClass aClass;
        <begin %h code>
        #include "another-class.h"
        <end %h code>
and circular includes would resolve comfortably. Is there a reason why
gob2 doesn't do it like that?

Kind regards,

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