default property values

From: Paul Forgey <>
Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2007 17:44:40 -0700

I have an object with a string property as such:

class My:Example from G:Object

     private char *databasePath destroywith g_free;


     property STRING databasePath
         ( nick = "databasePath",
           blurb = "Full path to database",
           default_value = "/tmp/database.db" )
         g_free (selfp->databasePath);
         selfp->databasePath = g_value_dup_string (VAL);

         g_value_set_string (VAL, selfp->databasePath);


 From the documentation, I am assuming this will be set after GET_NEW:

> Almost all types also have a 'default_value' attribute which sets
> the initial value of this property (on object initialization, the
> set handler will be run automatically with this value). This value
> will be overriden if the user sets a value of this property on the
> call to g_object_new.

The set handler is never getting called and selfp->databasePath is

I can set the property during g_object_new () or once instantiated
with g_object_set ().

Why aren't the default values being properly set?
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