ANNOUNCE: gob2 2.0.16 the "I shot the sheriff" release

From: Jiri Lebl <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 10:44:10 -0500


Apparently perfection was not yet perfect (read last anouncement). Anyway,
it is time for a new gob. No new major bug fixes or anything. Mosty
application and in some cases reworking of pending patches. It is true that
some users have suffered great mental anguish because of gob. Their pain is
not going away, because here is a new release of gob.

So what is this gob thing? Well besides being the cure for cancer, it also
generates GObjects (or GTK+ objects). GOB2 is a replacement for the version
1 GOB, that was for GTK+ 1.x mostly. GOB2 can handle pretty much most of the
GObject features. At least most of the ones that anyone will ever use. It
only requires GLib 2.0 (or higher for some features) and can generate
arbitrary GObjects. You can have both versions installed at the same time if
you wish, but if anyone is still using gob version 1 and GTK+ 1.x, they
should get their head examined.

Here are the news in 2.0.16:

        * add possibility of using function attributes such as
          G_GNUC_PRINTF etc... (Britton Kerin, Jean-Yves Lefort, me)
        * *_get_type methods are G_GNUC_CONST (Jean-Yves Lefort, me)
        * move #line sections past opening brace of functions
          (Jean-Yves Lefort)
        * handle finalize, dispose, constructor just like init
          (Jean-Yves Lefort)
        * Add %afterdecls{ %} code block
          (Jean-Yves Lefort)
        * Minor fixes to docs (me, Andrew Feren)

Note: I no longer have fedora, so no rpms are built but the specfile is
included. Try it with "rpmbuild -ta gob2-...-tar.gz"

Have fun,


Jiri (George) Lebl
   The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
                       -- Albert Einstein
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