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Tasty Bits of Several Complex Variables: Errata

This page lists major problems in the various editions. Simple typos, misspellings, and such are not listed here. Also not listed are things that were correct but simply deserved improvement. Of course, older editions may suffer from recently discovered errata as well.

October 11th 2018 edition (version 2.4):

June 27th 2018 edition (version 2.3):

November 29th 2017 edition (version 2.2):

March 21st 2017 edition (version 2.1):

Thanks to John Treuer for pointing out the following errata:

Other errata:

May 5th 2016 edition (version 2.0):

November 24th 2015 edition:

August 21st 2015 edition:

Thanks to Jianou Zhang for pointing out most of these.

November 19th 2014 edition:

September 2nd 2014 edition:

These are mostly minor typos. There were also a bunch of english typos or hard to understand sentences that are now fixed.

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