Chapter 1. Introduction

The Genius Mathematics Tool application is a general calculator for use as a desktop calculator, an educational tool in mathematics, and is useful even for research. The language used in Genius Mathematics Tool is designed to be ‘mathematical’ in the sense that it should be ‘what you mean is what you get’. Of course that is not an entirely attainable goal. Genius Mathematics Tool features rationals, arbitrary precision integers and multiple precision floats using the GMP library. It handles complex numbers using cartesian notation. It has good vector and matrix manipulation and can handle basic linear algebra. The programming language allows user defined functions, variables and modification of parameters.

Genius Mathematics Tool comes in two versions. One version is the graphical GNOME version, which features an IDE style interface and the ability to plot functions of one or two variables. The command line version does not require GNOME, but of course does not implement any feature that requires the graphical interface.

Parts of this manual describe the graphical version of the calculator, but the language is of course the same. The command line only version lacks the graphing capabilities and all other capabilities that require the graphical user interface.

Generally, when some feature of the language (function, operator, etc...) is new in some version past 1.0.5, it is mentioned, but below 1.0.5 you would have to look at the NEWS file.