Chapter 2. Getting Started

Table of Contents

To Start Genius Mathematics Tool
When You Start Genius

To Start Genius Mathematics Tool

You can start Genius Mathematics Tool in the following ways:

Applications menu

Depending on your operating system and version, the menu item for Genius Mathematics Tool could appear in a number of different places. It can be in the Education, Accessories, Office, Science, or similar submenu, depending on your particular setup. The menu item name you are looking for is Genius Math Tool. Once you locate this menu item click on it to start Genius Mathematics Tool.

Run dialog

Depending on your system installation the menu item may not be available. If it is not, you can open the Run dialog and execute gnome-genius.

Command line

To start the GNOME version of Genius Mathematics Tool execute gnome-genius from the command line.

To start the command line only version, execute the following command: genius. This version does not include the graphical environment and some functionality such as plotting will not be available.