To Create a New Program

If you wish to enter several more complicated commands, or perhaps write a complicated function using the GEL language, you can create a new program.

To start writing a new program, choose FileNew Program. A new tab will appear in the work area. You can write a GEL program in this work area. Once you have written your program you can run it by CalculatorRun (or the Run toolbar button). This will execute your program and will display any output on the Console tab. Executing a program is equivalent of taking the text of the program and typing it into the console. The only difference is that this input is done independent of the console and just the output goes onto the console. CalculatorRun will always run the currently selected program even if you are on the Console tab. The currently selected program has its tab in bold type. To select a program, just click on its tab.

To save the program you've just written, choose FileSave As.... Similarly as in other programs you can choose FileSave to save a program that already has a filename attached to it. If you have many opened programs you have edited and wish to save you can also choose FileSave All Unsaved.

Programs that have unsaved changes will have a "[+]" next to their filename. This way you can see if the file on disk and the currently opened tab differ in content. Programs which have not yet had a filename associated with them are always considered unsaved and no "[+]" is printed.