Chapter 3. Basic Usage

Table of Contents

Using the Work Area
To Create a New Program
To Open and Run a Program

Using the Work Area

Normally you interact with the calculator in the Console tab of the work area. If you are running the text only version then the console will be the only thing that is available to you. If you want to use Genius Mathematics Tool as a calculator only, just type in your expression in the console, it will be evaluated, and the returned value will be printed.

To evaluate an expression, type it into the Console work area and press enter. Expressions are written in a language called GEL. The most simple GEL expressions just looks like mathematics. For example

genius> 30*70 + 67^3.0 + ln(7) * (88.8/100)


genius> 62734 + 812634 + 77^4 mod 5


genius> | sin(37) - e^7 |


genius> sum n=1 to 70 do 1/n

(Last is the harmonic sum from 1 to 70)

To get a list of functions and commands, type:

genius> help

If you wish to get more help on a specific function, type:

genius> help FunctionName

To view this manual, type:

genius> manual

Suppose you have previously saved some GEL commands as a program to a file and you now want to execute them. To load this program from the file path/to/program.gel, type

genius> load path/to/program.gel

Genius Mathematics Tool keeps track of the current directory. To list files in the current directory type ls, to change directory do cd directory as in the UNIX command shell.