Slopefield Plots

In the create plot window, you can also choose the Slope field notebook tab to create a two dimensional slope field plot. Similar operations can be done on such graphs as can be done on the other line plots. For plotting using the command line see the documentation of the SlopefieldPlot function.

When a slope field is active, there is an extra Solver menu available, through which you can bring up the solver dialog. Here you can have Genius plot specific solutions for the given initial conditions. You can either specify initial conditions in the dialog, or you can click on the plot directly to specify the initial point. While the solver dialog is active, the zooming by clicking and dragging does not work. You have to close the dialog first if you want to zoom using the mouse.

The solver uses the standard Runge-Kutta method. The plots will stay on the screen until cleared. The solver will stop whenever it reaches the boundary of the plot window. Zooming does not change the limits or parameters of the solutions, you will have to clear and redraw them with appropriate parameters. You can also use the SlopefieldDrawSolution function to draw solutions from the command line or programs.