Parametric Plots

In the create plot window, you can also choose the Parametric notebook tab to create two dimensional parametric plots. This way you can plot a single parametric function. You can either specify the points as x and y, or giving a single complex number as a function of the variable t. The range of the variable t is given explicitly, and the function is sampled according to the given increment. The x and y range can be set automatically by turning on the Fit dependent axis checkbox, or it can be specified explicitly. See Figure 4.3, “Parametric Plot Tab”.

Figure 4.3. Parametric Plot Tab

Parametric plotting tab in the Create Plot window.

An example of a parametric plot is given in Figure 4.4, “Parametric Plot”. Similar operations can be done on such graphs as can be done on the other line plots. For plotting using the command line see the documentation of the LinePlotParametric or LinePlotCParametric function.

Figure 4.4. Parametric Plot

Parametric plot produced