Re: [genius-list] Re: Genius Calculator to Handled calculator

From: George <>
Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 02:14:44 -0700

On Tue, May 11, 1999 at 10:09:22PM +0800, Hilaire Fernandes wrote:
> Maybe in Dr Geo I can consider that with each Dr Geo figure file *.geo
> we may have a corresponding *.gel (is it the extension for GEL script
> file) containing the used fonctions by the figure. To a figure called
> 'euler.geo' we may have a script file 'euler.gel' in the same directory.
> So finaly this problem is quite resolved
> So Dr Geo only need to be able to ask to Genius to load/reload *one* GEL
> script file.

This is actually a very simple and clean solution I think. Definately
involves much less "magic", and it should be easier for people to comprehend
what is actually happening.

You could do this, if a function is not found when you load/execute/etc.. a
figure, you could just display a message with:

        "Did you forget to define function such_and_such in the file

I'm usually a fan of trying to do things in a way that's
1) easy to comprehend what the program is doing
2) doesn't involve "magic" (meaning the program doing opaque things which the
user doesn't really see)

> A special GEL mode in Emacs may help in some point :
> . syntax coloring
> . extra menu for GEL
> . GEL could run in an Emacs buffer and receive file from other buffer
> This could look like the TCL mode in Emacs.

I'm not very much an emacs person so I probably wouldn't appreciate it that
much. However we can do syntax coloring in the gtk text edit widget as well.
Plus, even if an emacs mode exists, this should be usable by non-geeks,
(the really die hard fans of emacs wouldn't use genius probably, it's just
not lisp :)

> In the other hand we will lost the GUI interface.

With CORBAization/GNOMEization of emacs that I hear is coming, this should
not be a problem :)


George Lebl <>
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