Re: Genius Calculator to Handled calculator

From: Hilaire Fernandes <>
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 22:09:22 +0800

> > So when a Dr Geo user save a figure using user GEL functions, this
> > figure should contain some references to files containing the GEL
> > functions...
> > Next when an user reloads this figure, Dr Geo should be able to ask to
> > Genius to reload the files containing the needed user GEL function...
> > Like this I will be quite happy :)
> Yes, that should be quite simple.
> The "problem" is that GEL is very free form, as are the scripts, so it would
> be hard to pick out a single function out of a script. But if we just load a
> whole script. That should be quite simple.
> One think I don't know exactly how one woul do, is how would one figure out
> which file the function was loaded from. This probably calls for file
> information on functions (which shouldn't be that hard though).

Maybe in Dr Geo I can consider that with each Dr Geo figure file *.geo
we may have a corresponding *.gel (is it the extension for GEL script
file) containing the used fonctions by the figure. To a figure called
'euler.geo' we may have a script file 'euler.gel' in the same directory.
So finaly this problem is quite resolved
So Dr Geo only need to be able to ask to Genius to load/reload *one* GEL
script file.

> Also note that I have a plan to slightly redo the UI, I think that an MDI
> interface where you have the console and script files open would be the best
> interface for this. I don't think defining functions on the command line is
> the right thing to do, unless they're really temporary functions. There
> really needs to be a nice way to edit scripts and use them (plus we may do
> some syntax highlighting as well I guess :)

A special GEL mode in Emacs may help in some point :
. syntax coloring
. extra menu for GEL
. GEL could run in an Emacs buffer and receive file from other buffer
This could look like the TCL mode in Emacs.

In the other hand we will lost the GUI interface.

> You need the gnome-libs, that should do everything you need. Of course you
> can install all of GNOME as well (sorry couldn't resist a little plug there:)
I need to change my HD, more and more it stops spining :). Last night it
damage the pam lib file :(

Hilaire Fernandes 
Dr Geo project
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