new (still broken) engine

From: George <>
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 22:40:35 -0700

I'm just writing this since I actually comitted everything to cvs now.

What I'm doing is writing a new engine for genius. The old engine was based
heavily on recursion and was very ugly inside. The new engine doesn't use
recursion, it's a stack based evaluation. When I first tested it it was about
50-70% slower, but allowed much deeper recursion without segfaulting. Through
profiling I've gotten the slowdown down to about 10-15%, though when a deep
recursion is used, it's faster then the old engine. I have a couple more
ideas about tricks I can do to make it faster, but it probably won't have any
huge impact. The biggest thing about this new engine is the fact that it CAN
do recursion much better, and that the code is smaller and cleaner (well not
yet too clean as there is a lot of old cruft laying around).

Anyway while this engine is cool, it doesn't completely work yet, so don't
use HEAD dr-genius for anything really. Use genius 0.4.6 for doing anything.

I don't think I will have the new engine fully working for at least another
week as it's requiring more changes, especially to make it go a bit faster


George Lebl <>
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