Re: [genius-list] Genius Future: Dr.Genius (Dr.Geo+Genius)

From: Squeak <>
Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1999 04:09:38 -0400 (EDT)

Couple of questions: will dr. genius be available on dr.geo's anonymous
cvs... if so, then anoncvs appears to be broken (anoncvs with password
guest = authentication failure, login denied).

What is corba, why use it, what would me the hacker need to know about it
in order to maintain an udnerstanding of your code, where is a good palce
to learn about it.

how much symbolic math do you want? like Integral(x^3,x,0,1)=1/4 ? or
merely having place holders that are manipulated in simple ways.

Would you consider dumping the gnome (especially gnome + corba)
requirement for the gui. Gtk is nice, Glib is nice, gnome is a humongeous
monstrosity. I rewrote lwm because i felt it was too intrusive, just to
give you a feel for how I use X (a graphic display system, not an
immersive visual computing environment). Feel free to provide gnome
support etc etc, but not everyone who uses X has gnome.

Where is/can you send me, a vim syntax file for .gel's? I use vim-5.4 if
it makes any diff.

Would you take a patch that did dec-hex conversions? One of the
main uses of a calc I think :)

Small offer of help: I'll of course keep looking for bugs. If you want
portability testing I have access to ppc MkLinux, power AIX, ppc AIX,
pa-risc (et al.) HP-UX, sparc Solaris, and x86 BSDI. By mid october I hope
to have ppc linux as well. I'm also doing linear algebra this semester, so
perhaps I'll write some neat stuff.

Small idea:

Sets could be implemented as characteristic functions ( if A is a set, chi
sub A is a primitive (logical not set-theoretic) function such that chi
sub A of x is 1 iff x is in A, and chi sub A of x is 0 iff x is not in A).

A union B = chiA + chiB (chiA | chiB)
A intersect B = chiA * chiB (chiA & chiB)
A - B = chiA & ~chiB


On Mon, 6 Sep 1999, George wrote:

> Genius is in the process of being merged with Dr.Geo,
> What genius gains by merging with Dr.Geo is basically a geometry tool.

Dr. Geo looks pretty neat. Note it only needs Gtk *wink*

> genius will still also be compilable just for the command line without all
> the graphical stuff of course.

And without corba, without dynamic plugins etc etc.
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