Genius Future: Dr.Genius (Dr.Geo+Genius)

From: George <>
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 1999 23:40:56 -0700

Genius is in the process of being merged with Dr.Geo,

I made a bugfix release of genius just before modifying the tree and we will
try to get a dr.geo+genius out soon as well. The new name for the project is
Dr.Genius, and it aims to be a more complete math package.

What is on my feature wish list:

* symbolic math
* graphing ability
* graph theory
* sets
* graphical equation editor / viewer (with output to things like latex and
* embeddable genius engine (after a neccessary cleanup of the core)
* internal .gel file editor
* easier extensibility (again needs a large core cleanup)
* CORBA interface so that genius can be controlled from other apps (this will
  be the basis of the embedability as well)
* state saving (so that you can restart in the exact same state of the core
  engine as you were before you left)

What genius gains by merging with Dr.Geo is basically a geometry tool.

genius will still also be compilable just for the command line without all
the graphical stuff of course.


George Lebl <>
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