Re: [genius-list] Genius Future: Dr.Genius (Dr.Geo+Genius)

From: Micah Yoder <>
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 1999 17:18:28 -0700

George wrote:
> Genius is in the process of being merged with Dr.Geo,

This is really cool. I can't wait to see the result!

> * symbolic math

Yeah, I'm the guy with the semi-functional C++ classes for doing symbolic
differentiation. I'd still like to see them merged in this, but my time for
this type of thing has been pretty close to zero recently. :-(

Even worse, I'm currently stumped by a linker error when compiling the classes.
If anyone is really familiar with C++, especially the linker side of things, and
wants to take a look at it, let me know. If that could get solved, I could do
some work on it again.

But speaking of symbolic math, I thought I'd throw out a wild and probably nutty
idea I recently had.

Perl 5.6 will come out soon, with a new regular expression syntax that will
allow matching parenthesis and other things. Then it struck me: the way one
does symbolic integration is roughly the same way regular expressions are
parsed! Why wouldn't it be possible to write a symbolic integrater in Perl???
And rather quickly at that. All you'd have to do is convert all 500+
integration formulas to regular expressions and write some sort of recursive
loop to handle it.

So it seems to me like object oriented programming is the perfect way to do
symbolic differentiation, while something like this *might* be a good way to do

(No, I haven't done a serious viability study of this yet. I could be ***WAY***
off base. But I thought it was an interesting idea.)


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