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Tasty Bits of Several Complex Variables: Changes

March 21st 2017 edition (version 2.1):

  1. Add exercise 6.4.21
  2. Fix wording of exercise 6.4.16, $\ell_j$ are not needed
  3. Fix definition of meromorphic functions to be the standard one, noting the deep result of Oka that shows what localy a quotient means globally a quotient on domains in ${\mathbb C}^n$.
  4. Very minor improvements in style and exposition in a few places
  5. License changed to dual CC-BY-SA and CC-BY-NC-SA
  6. Fix errata.
  7. Fix few minor typos

May 5th 2016 edition (version 2.0):

November 24th 2015 edition:

August 21st 2015 edition:

November 19th 2014 edition:

Improvements in exposition in a bunch of places and also fix errata.

September 2nd 2014 edition:

May 1st 2014 edition:

First version

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