Gnome Display Manager Reference Manual

Martin K. Petersen

George Lebl

Brian Cameron

Bill Haneman

Table of Contents
Terms and Conventions Used in This Manual
Controlling GDM
GDM Commands
Graphical Greeter Themes
Example Configurations

Terms and Conventions Used in This Manual

This manual describes version of the GNOME Display Manager. It was last updated on 7/14/2004.

GDM - Gnome Display Manager. Used to describe the software package as a whole. Sometimes also referred to as GDM2.

gdm - The Gnome Display Manager daemon (gdm).

Greeter - The graphical login window (gdmlogin or gdmgreeter).

Standard Greeter - The standard login window ( gdmlogin).

Graphical Greeter - The themable login window ( gdmgreeter).

Chooser - The host chooser which appears on remote displays sending INDIRECT queries (gdmchooser).

Configurator - The configuration program (gdmsetup).

Paths that start with a word in angle brackets are relative to the installation prefix. I.e. <share>/pixmaps/ refers to /usr/share/pixmaps if GDM was configured with --prefix=/usr. Normally also note that GDM is installed with --sysconfigdir=/etc/X11, meaning any path to which we refer to as <etc>/gdm/PreSession usually means /etc/X11/gdm/PreSession. Note that for interoperability it is recommended that you use a prefix of /usr and a sysconfdir of /etc/X11.