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Oh god is this page out of date! Some of these things are no longer true and mostly several years out of date. Some of them are not, so you'll have to use your telepathic powers to find out which is which.

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Ahh, this is supposed to be about linux. Ahhh ... There is already enough stuff about linux out there. So I will only say that if you don't run your linux on an Alpha, you are a wuss. Anyway, the best computer ever made was ZX Spectrum 48K. So if you've never owned one, you suck.

Another somewhat outdated but linux related thing are the linux kernel size graphs. It's not the actual size but rather the size of the compressed kernel archives. So it's not as precise as it could be.

To get a hold of me email me . Otherwise go to irc.gimp.org on #gimp or #gnome or #nautilus. My nick is _vicious_. (I doubt I'll be there nowadays)

Another thing is that EMACS is the devil (right next to C++ which is the antichrist). Thus if you don't use C and VI, you shall be cast into the pit of eternal peril.


Here is a screenshot (very old by now):

Read my Advogato diary to find out what I do, and what's new in GNOME

My Unix/Linux Hacks:

Grapevine, GNOME Notification System. Grapevine has its own page. One thing to note is that Grapevine is currently a dead project


GOB, The GObject Builder. GOB has its own page.


PonG, GNOME Properties. PonG has its own page. PonG is currently also not very alive.


Achtung. Achtung is a presentation software for GNOME, something like PowerPoint, but of course it sucked a lot more and was never finished.

After I've rewritten achtung about 5 times, some people actually got serious and did another rewrite which by now does a lot more then anything I ever produced. However the story of achtung seems to have ended there. There is a cool new proggie being written for GNOME2 called agnubis. People are actually working on that one so it will likely be much better then achtung could have been.

Here are some OLD screenshot, actually you can get this old thing in the achtung.old module in CVS if you really REALLY want to. screenshot1, screenshot2, screenshot3


Gnome Panel. The panel has been my main gnome project for some time. Lately other people have been maintaining this code and so I don't really work on it much. Perhaps I should.

If you want to write applets or docklets, you should read the official panel api docs. Those include some example code. This may be out of date though.


The GNOME Fish, or Wanda The Fish, the most important GNOME app to date. look at a screenshot and be amazed.

Genius Calculator, an arbitrary precision calculator and a mathematical programming language.

Now, Genius has it's own page.

Gnome Calculator, Double precision calculator, it's basically a ripoff of xcalc's standard mode which in turn is a ripoff of TI-30. It doesn't do everything xcalc does and it's a bit more simplistic (no precedence unless you use parenthesis) It's actually a widget in gnome-libs and there is a gcalc app in gnome-utils that implements it. Here's a screenshot.
Status: Basically done, I don't see any other functionality it should have

Math hacks, Several math programs, mostly combinatorics and computability but I'll be adding more when I feel like it. Right now it has a program to compute the chromatic polynomial of graphs, a program that demonstrates an algorithm for listing all permutations, turing, urm and markov algoritm machine emulators as well as a couple of programs for those, a program to test for the birthday problem by brute force, and last but not least, sed scripts for adding and subtracting decimal numbers. There might also be more if I forget to update this page. The files are date encoded and can be gotten at: /pub/math/.
Status: Continuously in development

ACR2000 card driver, a kernel module for talking to acr2000 (and probably the 8000 model) cards. Doesn't implement a whole lot but it's ok for simple communication (it's only for talking through the bus, it doesn't actually talk to the card, you do that in user-space). Get acr2000-0.3.tar.gz. I doubt you have this card but it might be nice if you need to write a simple driver and need to start somewhere.
It probably doesn't work with newest kernels any more. I think this was written at about the time of 2.0 or some such. So probably completely useless. GPLed

Web Graffiti Wall, a perl program that acts like a wall people can tag on. You need a server with SSI (Apache) and Perl and CGI access (of course). You can get if from this site. GPLed

A Few cool Linux links:

A Few cool non-Linux links:

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