What is PonG


PonG is a library and a graphical tool for creating property dialogs that work with GConf. You use the graphical tool to create an XML description of the widgets, the keys and how these interact, and then call a PonG function in your program to create and run the dialog. Then in your application, you handle change notifications from GConf, and you are done.

The files you create can be called up from any other application and work just like the dialog in your own application. By default widgets are laid out in a simple fashion, but you can use glade if you wish to use very custom layout. Extra widgets can be written either in your applciation or as Bonobo Controls. PonG cal also take care of creating and installing GConf schema files for you so that you do not need to edit information in many different places. Overall, creating a configuration dialog with PonG for a simple application is a matter of a couple of minutes with PonG.

PonG can support not only the simple cases, but it can support many advanced features including all the GConf value types, user levels, multiple dynamic prefixes, and more. You can even use PonG to create configuration dialogs callable from shell scripts.