PonG: GNOME Properties

George Lebl

    jirka at 5z dot com

Table of Contents
What is PonG
The PonG Library
The PonG-Edit (pong-edit)
The pong-tool
The pong-gconf-schema-export
Using PonG-Edit
Running Pong-Edit
"Configuration" Notebook Pane
"Configuration keys" Notebook Pane
"Dialog panes" Notebook Pane
"User levels" Notebook Pane
Testing the dialog
Using the PonG library
The Hello World of PonG
Basic Usage
PongXML object
Plugs (Glade, Bonobo)
Levels and Prefixes
Custom Widgets
Custom Bonobo Controls
Setting up Your Makefiles
Setting up with automake and autoconf
Setting up xml-i18n-tools
Setting up on non-automake/autoconf systems
Builtin Widget Reference
Standard GTK+ Widgets
Native PonG Widgets