Setting up Your Makefiles

Setting up with automake and autoconf

First at the top of your file, add the AM_PROG_PONG macro. This will define the neccessary rule macros that you need to use in your makefiles. Make sure to put it all the way at the top of the file right after AC_INIT and AM_PROG_XML_I18N_TOOLS. Then somewhere beyond your normal Gnome checks, add the PONG_CHECK macro, giving a minimum version and the extra modules of PonG you are using (bonobo, glade or manual). For example:

Example 1. example


dnl Due to the sed scripts being split on 90 line
dnl blocks, this macro needs to be right at the beggining.

dnl Another one of these for PonG

... Somewhere else in the file ...

dnl PonG, at least version 1.0.0, and use the bonobo and glade
dnl modules
PONG_CHECK(1.0.0,bonobo glade)

Since PonG takes care of schema generation, there is a standard schema rule defined for you. You also need to use the xml-i18n-tools for generating your .pong files. For example suppose you make a PonG file called, which you wish to install in $(datadir)/foobar as foobar.pong. You would add the following, to your

Example 2. example

pongdir  = $(datadir)/foobar
pong_in_files =
pong_DATA = $(


schemadir  = $(sysconfdir)/gconf/schemas
schema_DATA = foobar.schema