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Stuff of Jiří Lebl (or George)

Simplicity is a virtue. And so there isn't much stuff here. What is here has a tendency to be somewhat out of date. See also my OSU (work) page, which is likely to be more current. Or just see my CV.

I guess this should be about me. I was born in Prague (CZ) and live in Stillwater, Oklahoma. After being a postdoc in the Math department at University of Illinois (UIUC), in the middle of cornfields in Urbana, I was a Teaching Visitor at University of California at San Diego (UCSD), then a postdoc at University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW). Now I am faculty at Oklahoma State University (OSU). Here is my GPG key if you're into that kind of thing (though I'm not really, so it could have happened that I don't remember my passphrase anymore). Sometimes I write stuff on my blog. I used to write my blog on advogato but you can't do latex math there. I used to write a blog before it was called a blog.

I got my PhD from UCSD in the spring of 2007. Here is the thesis. There's a pdf of the thing and a link to lulu if you really really must go kill some trees. If you really want something useless to read, see my masters thesis from SDSU, 2003. Better to check my published papers at my OSU page or see my papers on arXiv. I've also written a free online differential equations textbook (introductory undergraduate level), a free online real analysis textbook (introductory undergraduate level), a set of notes for a minicrouse on several complex variables using Hermitian forms, and a semester long introduction to several complex variables.

In a past life I've worked for Eazel, before it went horribly bankrupt. I've spent a summer working for Red Hat. I've also done some software consulting in lab automation. I'm a big supporter of free software and if I do work on free software it is mostly on GNOME, or related. Nowadays my coding is restricted mostly to the Genius mathematics package or to math experimentation.

skateboarding Here is some of the stuff I wrote that is currently maintained and is of general interest:

Pictures and galleries and that sort of thing:

Some old pages, probably not of interest any more are:

At GUADEC 5 in Kristiansand, Norway (June 28th - 30th, 2004), I gave a talk on security and the desktop. The paper to accompany the talk was not finished for the proceeds so here it is. It's semi longish (10 pages), full of unsubstantiated claims and no bibliography. Hopefully the grammar is not too horrible and it's semi readable and useful. Enjoy...

At one point I bought one of those Agenda VR3's because they seemed cool. It's kind of a piece of crap, but nowadays you can get them incredibly cheap from various surplus stores and some company even makes ones with more memory (which was one of the many reasons why they were crap). Setting up software on these is not easy. You can get my current romdisk root- and try that. That's the last official 1.2.6 snow release (much faster then what originally shipped with the thing) updated with gnuchess, gnuplot, prescribble and goVRec (go recorder). The fltkChess gnuchess frontend is somewhat more fixed in this version (source). I'd recommend the newest kernel and pmon (if you need to) from AgendaWiki.

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